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Our Show

The Caterpillar and the Blackbird: The Happiest musical of the year!

“So great and my kids loved all the singing and dancing. The cow was so funny. Just so much to love.”


When a father has a difficult time encouraging his young daughter to eat her greens, he tells her the story of an unlikely friendship between a caterpillar and a blackbird:

A bored, strong-willed caterpillar refuses to eat her greens. Instead, she dreams of going on adventures and seeing the world.

After a chance encounter with a blackbird, the caterpillar’s dreams come true as the blackbird takes her on the journey of a lifetime.  Along the way, they will encounter a mixed assortment of animals, from a tap dancing cow, a sassy fox, a zen frog, and a prickly hedgehog - not to mention a troupe of mischievous squirrels watched over by a wise old owl. Each will teach the young caterpillar invaluable life lessons.

But the most important lesson of all for the young caterpillar is the value of true friendship as she and the blackbird form an unbreakable bond that will see the caterpillar through her wondrous metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly.

 ========================================================================      The Caterpillar and the Blackbird has something for                      everyone and is loved by all ages! 

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Our Team

Kate O’Hearn was born in Toronto, raised in New York City and now lives in England. Starting out in the fashion industry, her love of writing soon took over. Her first children’s book, “Shadow of the Dragon – Kira” won the 1066 literary prize. Followed by her international bestselling six book series, Pegasus – which has now been optioned for a major Hollywood film. These were followed by the Valkyrie series, Titans series, and now her latest series of books: Atlantis. The Caterpillar and the Blackbird was first written as a short story and then adapted for stage.


Tom Dwyer was born and raised in United Kingdom. From an early age he knew the stage was where he belonged. Starting out in the UK tour of 42nd street, at seventeen he made his West End debut in the award winning, critically acclaimed revival of Oklahoma starring Hugh Jackman. He then spent the next twenty years performing, assistant-choreographing, and directing such shows as:  My Fail Lady, Cats, Mary Poppins, Singing in the Rain, On the town, Guys and Dolls, Shall We Dance and Carousel. When he first read the Caterpillar and the Blackbird, Tom knew that it had to be adapted as a dancing musical for the stage. 

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